Syphon (Surface) Pumps (W D Moore)

for pumping from a creek, river, shallow well, dam, or tank.

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The Aermotor Syphon Pump is designed to pump from a water source that is offset from the windmill, while the Syphon Pump is mounted directly below the mill. The Syphon Pump consists of a standard Flush Cap Pump, mounted within a cast iron outer chamber. This outer cast iron chamber acts as a reservoir, holding water to feed the brass Flush Cap Pump. This means the pump is always "primed'. This will eliminate all suction problems associated with pumping from a remote water source. The top cap of the Syphon Pump is fitted with a Differential Compensator to enable the water to be pumped to a height above the pump.


The Syphon Pump can draw water from a surface supply such as dam, creek, river, or tank. The low water level in the surface supply should not be more than 5 Metres below the Syphon Pump top cap. The Syphon Pump, which is mounted directly below the windmill could be situated up to 200 Metres away - provided that the total suction head is no greater than 5 Metres.

The height and distance to which the Syphon Pump can deliver water is determined by the capability of the windmill. If the windmill has the capability the total delivery head could be 100 Metres.

The illustration shows the correct set-up for a syphon pump used to pump water over a distance greater than 200 Metres. This set-up includes Horizontal Check Valves and an Air Chamber.

For full details contact W D Moore & Co on 08 9337 4766 (Australia).